International Patients


If you live outside Kenya, you can still access our world class fertility treatment services. Our state-of-the art IVF clinic in Nairobi has a team of renowned IVF doctors with international expertise and an advanced IVF lab well equipped to provide comprehensive solutions for reproduction and embryology.

Our International Patients Program

Our IVF centre give couples the opportunity to undergo IVF in international clinical settings, at your own convenience and most importantly without any waiting period.
All our international patients can speak to our fertility specialist before you travel to our clinic for the treatment. During the first consultation over the phone, you will be asked to provide previous medical reports, including ultrasound scan, semen analyses or blood tests to assess your medical history. Our Fertility Specialist will discuss some preliminary advice regarding your treatment options.

Our dedicated team of clinical staff will work together to provide you a tailor made treatment plan. We will try to minimize the number of visits needed to our center for the treatment by working in conjunction with your local Obs-Gyne doctor and you can travel to our clinic for final monitoring, egg collection and embryo transfer. You will receive our ongoing support and care even after you return to your home country after the treatment.

If you would like to know more about our International Patient Program, please contact our dedicated support team on phone: +254 792 111 222 or email: enquiry@fertilitypoint.co.ke

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